Hannes Aleksi was invited to speak about forestry, the environment, the acute wood building crisis and the use of massive wood in Finland at the “Our Forests” event (Meidän Metsämme) in Helsinki Senate Square on 27.10.18.

“Our Forest”-event summary of the speech:

“Hannes Aleksi is speaking of nature and natural resources as a priceless treasure that we have a duty to preserve for the future generations. He feels sad about the way our unique and incredible Northern nature is being treated. The forests are being ripped out, milled and ground to make toilet paper, which is then shipped to the other side of the globe. Minerals are extracted, even at a loss. Hannes aleksi asks who really wants this? Are parliament and the media working for the benefit of big business or the citizen?”

“When we understand that no-one is protected, nothing is enough and everything is taken, and that we will be left with a concrete desert in the end, we will understand that we now have to defend our forests and lakes. And that we will win this fight, because losing is no longer an option.”