The log art piece “Juuri ja juuri” (“Root and root” – which can also be read as “Just and just”) was exhibited at the @Mmetsamme event in Senaatintori, Helsinki, after which it was moved to the Helsinki University Viikki campus area in Viikinkaari.

Press release follows: 

The piece, consisting of two sculptures, took part in the ”Our Forests”-event (Meidän Metsämme) in Senaatintori on 27.10.18. The sculptures can now be found in the Helsinki University campus area in Viikki (Viikinkaari).
In addition to tree roots, one can see some hints to mines and barricades in the sculptures. ”I believe both interpretations carry a message that fits our time. The forestry in Finland is úndergoing great change, and even climate change is forcing Finland to rethink its practices. The good aspect here is, that preventing climate change and log building have shared goals, met in organically managed forests where big trees provide continuous cover.

– I believe that by looking deep into the roots of our connection to forests, we can find answers to the great questions of our time. ”