#eyeonwoods is A colaborative project with Antia Sanchez that started in 2019.

    Our common interest of Nature and finnish culture meets in shape of landart, sculpture, creamic and painting.

    #eyeonwoods is a collaborative openProject that aim to mobilize in an artistic way through action reflected in social media. We invite all people to participate with this hastag putting #eyewoods, why? To maximize the sound of a cutted tree, to use its Väki* that elevate the concept of a cutted being, a broken link to life.

    * Väki : “Term used in Finnish folk belief to refer to impersonal forces of a supernatural nature seen as inhabiting a wide range of objects and spaces in the natural and cultural environment: forest, wáter, animals, fire,iron tools,etc…” ( From more tan mythology, Catharina Raudvere and Jens Peter Schodt).

    The wind blows at the roots of the forest people, the forest spirits terrified ... the ghosts of the trees roam here restless. The bottom is missing, the eye of the earth is screaming, a generation without a future. The shaft of the gap.

    Forests, waters and lands are an over-generational heritage. The human eye is looking at the neck of modern man. The disappointment of future generations in the eyes, in the wood pile.

    What are you doing?