Rhythm. Rhythm is everywhere. Continuous movement, undercurrent. Drawing, drumming, horse riding, dance, the hits of an axe, design, log building… Passion and obsession are fueling the rhythm, the creation.

Metamorphosis. The relationship between human and nature, the meeting of nature’s design and the persons’ craft and, their interfaces. The transformation of material from nature’s creation to human’s creation.

Time. Even though time is everything else, by examining materials and surfaces we can see it as linear. The graying of wood, splitting, burning, wearing and decaying. It reminds us of our finite nature. We can’t spend time, time spends us.

Effort. How a piece, its meaning and the impact on its surroundings change after effort has been used on it. How does the work that has moulded a piece influence it and, eventually, the people who view it, even without their awareness? The touch of the craft, the touch of time, the history of surfaces. Imperfection is interesting. The stories of moulding, time and imprints fascinate.


I hope that the art pieces raises questions about our being, time, our relation to our surroundings, and the relationship between nature and the human.

The stories of surfaces, materials, contrasts, the physical dimension. The meeting in time that reminds us of a completely different time or a place, a world. It is a link to somewhere. Worn wood, wearing, surprise. Material on a foreign ground, far from home. It invites us to investigate, to start an exploration, perhaps to touch.

In some ways the piece gets its form already as an idea; it is a newcomer, an actor, an energy, an influencer. Making a sculpture is communicating with this force. If cooperation works, the end result is just as intended.

The pieces of wood also contain the energy that has been put into them through work – both on the thought level and as physical work. There is  even an old finnish word for that: Väki. Physical work is the concrete energy which has moulded the piece. On the thought level it is creative energy – the impact of looking at something.

Sculptoring is looking at these structures for weeks. It has an impact, the pieces get energised. It is magic.

The wood always has the historical perspective too, it has been growing for a hundred years. A living being, older than us. How was the world when this tree was a sapling? And here it is now, dead yet continuing it’s life, 100 – 200 years, longer than us.

The marks of time and use can show. And in time, every wood sculpture will decay and degrade.


Sculptor/log builder/environmental activist/musician

b. 21.06.1978, Finland

Lives and works in Savo, Finland and Galicia, Spain.

Previous work as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator, more recently as a traditional log builder. Founder of Hongos, a log building company

Received The Erik Kråkström Wood Building Award  FromThe Building Art Society of Finland, 2017