Hannes Aleksi participates in the Slush2016 event! We contribute to this giant event’s fairytale-like set-up with our log structures and our own “Wonky tower” sculpture.

Finnish log carving is looking for new avenues in the startup and technology event Slush.

In the North, logs have been used in buildings since time immemorial. Hongos is a log studio situated in the middle of Finland whose concept entails a customer-focused log building design and construction. It is possible to admire and experience log surfaces without constructing a whole log building, as hand-carved log surfaces can be used in existing structures and spaces.

One example is the Hotel President reception table, carved by Hongos. An even more surprising log innovation can be seen at the Cable Factory, where a log sauna and lounge have been built in a room that was previously used for air conditioning, situated on the rooftop. Cable Factory now offers people the opportunity to enjoy a log sauna experience with a seaview in the middle of an urban industrial area.